SizeGenetics Instruction – How to Use It For Maximum Results

SizeGenetics mainly serves its true potential through their traction device. This equipment is really effective in enlarging your penis because what it does is it gives smooth pressure to the penile tissues. By applying continuous pressure and traction over the penis’ length, SizeGenetics device will surely trigger the function of penis growth. While stretching your penis, the cells in the penis area divide. And so because of this, your penis will become bigger in both girth and length. Here’s some important SizeGenetics instruction that will allow you see faster penis growth.

The SizeGenetics device is user friendly. You don’t have to be a high school graduate to be able to use it. You will see a plastic ring on this device. That will be the one that’s going to be fastened to the base of your penis. Then the flexible silicon ring is the one to be attached to the head of the penis.

The SizeGenetics device has 2 adjustable bars that can be used for adjusting how strong the tension is going to be for the user. Don’t worry because this is not going to be painful for you. You can wear SizeGenetics anywhere you want at any time because it is not visible if you just use lose trousers. There are many imitation devices today that tries to mimic the SizeGenetics and tries to look like them, but don’t be fooled.

You will notice the big difference in terms of comfort and durability. Another good thing about SizeGenetics is as you use it every-day, you won’t notice it that you’re actually wearing it. That’s how comfortable it is to use.

SizeGenetics program has zero side effects. It has been used worldwide and not a single user complained or experienced any bad side effects. This device is not going to cause pain while you use it, and it fits all sizes. Yes you can wear this for long periods of time, but the ideal and more effective is to only wear it for 2 to 8 hours each day. More than 8 hours is no longer advised because just like improving your muscles, you also have to give your penis enough time to heal or adjust everyday to get better results.

Things you can do before wearing the SizeGenetics device for better results

Soak hand towel in warm water, then squeeze any excess water on hand towel. If your penis is erected, cover your entire penis with the towel including the head of your penis. Hold the towel in the position for about 5 minutes then remove the towel. After doing this, dry your penis by wiping with dry towel. By doing this, your penis gets warmed up.

This is recommended because it helps blood pump better in the penis. The heat also makes the penis’s skin softer which is better while you use the SizeGenetics.

Things you should not do while using SizeGenetics

  • Do not wear it for more than 8 hours – Give your penis time to adjust
  • Do not wear it at night while sleeping – It is not advised for you to wear it while sleeping for you might get it entangled with sheets that may cause accidents.

This is by far the most effective device out there. So if you want a guaranteed improvement of your penis size, then try SizeGenetics now.

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